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Jodha Akbar: Will Jodha Give A Child To Rukhaiya?

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Jodha Akbar 10th September written episode: Resham Khan makes an appeal to Jodha for Maha Manga’s life. She reports that Maham is suffering from high fever and has stopped eating. She fears her death. Jodha says that she cannot take any immediate step and goes to attend the naming ceremony of Bakshi’s daughter.

Sharifuddin’s father comes to bless the child. Sharifuddin names his daughter Mehtab, which suggests that the child has changed the life of her parents. Akbar says that he promised some properties to Bakshi’s son and he will give the same gifts to her daughter.

Akbar declares that there will be no difference between girls and boys in his kingdom. Sharifuddin is relaxed to know that he is not losing the political benefits due to the birth of a girl child. He and his father dream for more benefits in future.

Rukaiya calls for a court at Dewan-E-Khas to make some complaint. In front of all the officers and ladies, she mentions that Akbar promised to give anything to his queens just for one time, after he won the war against Maha Chuchak.

Rukaiya complains that the Emperor has refused to keep his promise when she made her demand. She mentions that she demanded one child from Jodha. She also complains that Akbar commuted Khaiber’s punishment on Jodha’s demand.

Akbar says that the two demands are completely different. He cannot rule over a mother and take her child, says Akbar. Rukaiya leaves the court in disgust. Jodha meets her. Rukaiya regrets that she has lost all importance in Jalal’s life and has been replaced by Jodha.

Will Jodha give one of her child to Rukhaiya? Let's wait and watch.

Rukhaiya Calls For A Meeting

Rukhaiya would call for a meeting and demands Akbar accept her request.

Jalal Knows

Even before Rukhaiya says anything Jalal know what she will be bringing up.

Rukhaiya's Demand

Rukhaiya would demand to get one of Jodha's child.

Jodha Shocked

Jodha would be shocked to hear Rukhaiya's demand.

Jalal Denies

Jalal denies Rukhaiya's request to get one of Jodha's child.

Akbar And Jodha

Akbar and Jodha would be put in a tight spot by Rukhaiya.

Rukhaiya - Jodha

Rukhaiya thinks her demand is justified since Jodha is getting two kids and she can give away one to her.

Will Jodha Agree?

Will Jodha agree to give away a child to Rukhaiya?



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