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Jodha Akbar: Jodha Rescues Khaiber, Gets Kidnapped Again! (11th August-Photos)

Jodha Akbar 11th August written episode: Adam Khan tells Maham that they should help Atifa's husband, as he has turned an enemy of Akbar. Maham scolds him for this idea, saying that it can bring danger to them.

Moti tells Jodha not to worry about Khaiber again and increase her distance with Akbar. Jodha says that she has lost his love and does not need to care for it anymore. She goes to rescue Khaiber.

Jodha comes near the well and looks for an opportunity to liberate the demon. The staffs leave the place to attend the evening rituals of Ramjan. Jodha opens the door of the well and drops a rope.

Khaiber comes out and expresses thanks through his gestures. He utters Jodha's name. She tells him to leave the place promptly. She pushes him as he feels hesitant.

After Khaiber goes a few steps ahead, Jodha thinks that there is no point of living, after she has lost her love. She is about to jump into the well. Khaiber holds her. Soon she realizes that she is pregnant and has no right to take the lives of the children.

Jodha tells Khaiber to leave her alone, but he ignores. He lifts her and walks through the jungle. The prison staffs see him. They run after him, but fail to rescue Jodha.

In the evening function Akbar notices that Jodha is absent. Soon he is informed that Jodha has been kidnapped by the demon. He asks how it became possible, when he was in imprisonment. He is told that Jodha herself visited the place and liberated the demon.

Jodha Akbar: Jodha Rescues Khaiber, Gets Kidnapped Again!

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