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Jodha Akbar: 11th July; Jalal Cheated And Imprisoned By Nigar (Photos)

Jodha Akbar 11th July written episode: The troops of Akbar and Maha Chuchak meet in the war field. Akbar targets Abul Mali. They go away from the war field and enter the nearby jungle. Akbar almost defeats Abul Mali and is about to kill him.

Abul Mali says that both Jalal and his sister Nigar are foolish. He was using Nigar for his ambition. He instructs the soldiers to kill Nigar. Akbar throws away Abul and chases the soldiers to save Nigar.

Akbar hears the screams of Nigar and finds her tied up with a tree. Nigar becomes scared seeing him, as she thinks that he has come to kill her. Akbar assures her that he has come to save her. Akbar liberates her.

Nigar regrets her rebellion against her own brother. She says that Begum Maha Chuchak and Abul Mali have used her to fulfil their dream. She hugs Akbar and apologizes to him.

Akbar replies that there is no need to apologize and it was his duty to save her life. Akbar is confused thinking where they can go now. Nigar tells him that she knows a hidden place, where they can take shelter.

Nigar takes Akbar to a hidden place. Akbar asks her whether she is sure about the safety of the place, but gets no answer. He turns back and sees nobody behind him. He calls out Nigar’s name and she hits him from behind!

Akbar gets ready for self-defense, but soldiers hold him in captivity. Nigar tells Akbar that he is in the prison of Maha Chuchak!

Jodha Akbar: 11th July; Jalal Cheated And Imprisoned By Nigar (Photos)

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