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Jodha Akbar: Jodha Accepts Khaiber's Help In Jungle; Jalal Frantic (August 12th-Photos)

Jodha Akbar 12th August written episode: Hamida regrets that Jodha falls in danger now and then. Akbar becomes angry and tells her that danger does not come in Jodha's way, she herself steps into the path of danger. Hamida tells him to hold his cool, as Jodha is pregnant.

Rukaiya reports to Hamida and Gul Badan Begum that people are gossiping about Jodha and Khaiber. She criticizes Jodha for ignoring the honour of the Mughal Dynasty.

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Jodha opens her eyes and sees that she has been taken inside a jungle and the night is over. She understands that the demon has taken her far away from Agra. She tells him to let her go, but he ignores.

Jodha throws dust to the eyes of the animal and starts running. After going a few steps she feels fatigue, due to her health condition. She thinks it would not be wise to run. She stops. Khaiber again takes her with him.

Khaiber makes her sit on a boulder and offers some fruits. Jodha throws the fruits away. Khaiber takes some other fruits. Jodha thinks if she accepts the fruits, the demon will think she is happy with him. She again refuses the food.

Khaiber becomes angry and shouts at Jodha. She says that she is least afraid of him. She leaves the place and proceeds through the jungle. Khaiber accompanies her. It starts raining heavily.

Jodha sees a straw hut. She shouts for help mentioning that she is the Queen of Agra. A man and a woman come out and see them but go inside the hut being frightened by Khaiber.

The demon goes to the hut and breaks the door. He lifts the roof of the hut and comes to Jodha. She reprimands him for making two poor people homeless. He understands nothing, only keeps uttering her name. She feels irritated.

Jodha feels hungry soon and no more refuses fruits thinking of her babies. Akbar and his troop desperately search for Jodha. The villagers are alerted about the situation.

Jodha Akbar: Jodha Survives Jungle With Khaiber's Help!

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