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Jodha Akbar: 12th June; Thanks To Jodha Jalal Forgives Rukhaiya's Betrayal! (Pics)

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Jodha Akbar 12th June written episode: Maha Manga takes a doctor to Chand Begum, with much cautiousness. The doctor asks the reason of secrecy. She replies that there are matters of politics which cannot be explained.

Shahnaz hides herself inside the boxes of ration which are being taken to the prison. Some boxes are taken by the guards of Maha Manga, for the secret prison. Sahhnaz is carried to the secret prison, with the boxes.

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Jodha sees that Akbar is extremely angry and upset about something. She asks him the reason. He shares Rukaiya’s betrayal against him and insists on giving stringent punishment to her. Jodha stops him.

Jodha insists that Akbar should understand Rukaiya’s psyche. She explains that Rukaiya has not done this to betray or hurt Akbar, but because she wants to get him back. She explains that Rukaiya has started feeling insecure after she has come to his life. Rukaiya thinks that she has lost her place, and it is tough for her to tolerate this, as she deeply loves Akbar.

Jodha argues that everything is fair in love, and so it was not a crime on Rukaiya’s part, when she told a lie to get back her love. Jodha forbids Akbar to punish Rukaiya, as he will lose his childhood friend. Good friendship is very rare in life, says Jodha.

Jodha also forbids Akbar to expose the fact to others as it would cause utter disgrace to Rukaiya. So, Akbar calls his family and tells everyone that Rukaiya has had a miscarriage again! He presents the doctor to confirm the news.

After everyone leaves, Akbar hugs Rukaiya and says that he has forgiven her. He requests her to share her problems frankly from the next time, without making such dirty plans. Later, he thanks Jodha for saving his childhood friendship.

Jalal Calls Everyone

Jalal would have called for his mother, Salima and Jodha to Rukhaiya's chamber.

Rukhaiya Shocked

When Jalal and the doctor announce that Rukhaiya has lost her baby yet again, she would be shocked.

Jalal Hugs Rukhaiya

Jalal would hug Rukhaiya and show to everyone that he is comforting her for the loss, but in fact he would be informing her his plan to go along.

Jalal's Plan

Jalal's actual plan would have been to have Hamida, Salima and Jodha comfort Rukhaiya and stand by her instead of telling them the truth and getting them hate her.

Jalal Then Forgives Her

Jalal would then goes ahead and hugs Rukhaiya and says he would want to forget what happened and move on.

Jalal Realises His Mistake Too

Jalal would understand Rukhaiya's need to get his attention, he would inform her that he would make sure he spends time with her as she is his best friend and he loves her.


Rukhaiya would again inform him that her intention was not to hurt or betray him but to get him back.

Jalal Warns Too

After everything Jalal would request Rukhaiya to never hurt or betray him again.

Jalal Thanks Jodha

Jalal would then go to Jodha, hug her and thank her for making him do this.

Jalal's Anger

Jalal would have been in extreme anger after knowing about Rukhaiya's treachery.

Jodha Would Have Calmed Him Down

Jodha would be shocked after hearing what Rukhaiya had done, but she would also ask him to not make any mistake in anger.

Jodha Explains

Jodha would explain to him that Rukhaiya's act was not of betrayal but to get his attention.


Jodha would make Jalal promise to her that he would act as a good husband and a friend to Rukhaiya and forgive her.

Jalal Glad She Did

Jalal would be glad that Jodha had made him realise this before he might have damaged his friendship with Rukhaiya forever.

Jodha And Jalal

Yet again, Rukhaiya has ended up making Jalal and Jodha closer than ever.

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