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Jodha Akbar: 12th May; Jalal Ignores Rukhaiya To Arrange For Jodha's Arrival

Jodha Akbar 12th May written episode: Jodha starts for Agra, being cordoned by her brothers. The Hindu pilgrims come to Dewan E Khas to thank Akbar for his step. Akbar says that it is his duty to protect the common people. They gift Quran Sharif to Akbar. When Akbar and others gather around it and pray, the Maulavis and other anti-Hindu officers fume.

Rukaiya invites Akbar to play chess with her. When Akbar just sits to play, a message comes from Ajmer. Rukaiya insists on seeing it later while Akbar becomes impatient. Akbar takes the message and tells Rukaiya to read it out.

Rukaiya feels shocked and irritated when she has to read out that Jodha is coming back to Agra. She becomes angrier when Akbar rushes to make the arrangements for Jodha’s welcome. She bursts into anger and throws the play items.

Hamida not only becomes happy to know the news, she wishes that Akbar and Jodha would make a fresh start with new maturity, after the experience of this crisis. Akbar distributes responsibilities among officers to arrange a grand welcome for his Queen. He wants to make Jodha feel that the whole city of Agra is eagerly waiting for her arrival!

Moti comes to know about Jodha’s arrival and starts decorating her room. Soon Salima comes with arrangements of room decoration. Akbar checks all the arrangements personally. Atgah assures him that he has finely completed all the arrangements. Akbar hugs him in excitement!

Jodha Akbar

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