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Jodha Akbar: Jodha Spends Night With Khaiber, Jalal Suspicious Or Confused?

Jodha Akbar 13th August written episode: Jodha escapes from the demon's grip when he is sleeping. She walks by the riverside with the hope of seeing some village. She thinks of going to the other side of the river, thinking that it is not much deep.

But suddenly the current becomes strong and she fails to swim. She is swept away by the strong current. Khaiber searches for Jodha after he wakes up. He rescues her from the river.

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Jodha opens her eyes to discover herself within a hut. She sees Khaiber soon and understands that he has frightened the dwellers and occupied the hut. He gives some dry clothes to her. She changes and cooks food.

Akbar orders his troop to search by the river. Man Singh tells Akbar that it was Jodha's nature from her childhood, to cross all limits while helping people. Akbar tells him that it is a crime to liberate a prisoner.

The villager whose hut Khaiber has occupied, sees Jodha and Khaiber sleeping inside the hut. He quickly informs Akbar and his troop. But by the time they reach the hut, Khaiber escapes with Jodha. Akbar sees the clothes of his queen and again starts searching for her.

Khaiber drags Jodha away and she keeps appealing to him to let her go. The demon sees Akbar and his troop coming forward and runs with Jodha. She lies that she is feeling hungry. He goes to search for food. She escapes.

Jodha sees a troop of travelers and tells them that she is the queen of Agra. She asks for help and they agree. She goes with them. Akbar comes to a village where the villagers tell him that they are always scared of a troop of robbers.

The men take Jodha to a deserted place. They say that they are not common travelers, but ruthless robbers. The leader suggests that they can have fun with the woman, before selling her in the slave market!

Jodha Akbar: Jodha Spends Night With Khaiber, Jalal Suspicious Or Confused?

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