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Jodha Akbar: 13th May; Jodha’s Back To Jalal After Long Wait

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Jodha Akbar 13th May written episode: Akbar restlessly awaits Jodha’s arrival. He keeps receiving messages about her progress and gifts the messengers. Rukaiya becomes envious seeing this. She thinks that she has to behave well with Jodha, to remain close to Akbar.

Rukaiya becomes engaged in the preparation of Jodha’s arrival. Maha Manga taunts her saying that she has been defeated by Jodha. Rukaiya clears that she was forever close to Akbar and now whatever she is doing, it is for his happiness. She never wants to be a fool like Maham, says Rukaiya.

Adam Khan expresses his disgust over the special treatment for Jodha. Maham regrets that the Hindus are getting more importance in the Mughal Kingdom. She advises Adam’s men to remove Akbar’s confidants away from him. She names Atgah, Todarmal, Man Singh and Jodha and tells them to start with Atgah.

Man Singh meets Jodha when she is a little away from Agra. He tells her that Akbar has sent him to receive her. She wants to know more about Akbar. Man Singh informs that he was morose up to the receipt of the message of her comeback. Now he is happy like anything.

Akbar cannot sleep at night in excitement. He asks Salima how to behave with Jodha after the meeting. Salima tells him that he will automatically find the language of love. Jodha also finds the night too long to end.

At last Jodha comes at the gate of the Mughal Palace. She is welcomed by Hamida, Salima and Rahim. She says sorry to them for leaving them suddenly. But throughout the rituals her eyes search for Akbar. At last she meets him.

Jalal Awaits For Jodha

Jalal would await eagerly for Jodha's arrival.

Rukhaiya's Thoughts

Rukhaiya is shocked to see Jalal eager for Jodha's return. She wouldn't understand why he cares so much for someone who left on her own.

Jalal Open About His Feelings

Jalal would acknowledge his impatience at waiting for Jodha's arrival.

Maha Manga In Awe Of Rukhaiya

Though Maha Manga calls Rukhaiya innocent, she knows Rukhaiya is more cunning and more apt in dealing with issues.

Maha Manga's Plan

Maha Manga plans to first deal wiht the people who are Jalal's anchor of support. They decide to first take up Atgah Saab.

Jodha Received Midway

Jodha would be received midway where a camp is set up for her to rest for the night. She would come to know Jalal has been awaiting eagerly for her return.

Jodha Eager To Return As Well

Jodha would find it tough to spend her last night away from Jalal as well.

Jodha Arrives

Jodha arrives at last at Agra, where she would be received ceremoniously.

Jalal - Jodha

Jalal would at last see Jodha for whom he has been eagerly waiting.

Jodha Back To Jalal At Last

Jodha and Jalal are at last back together.

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