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Jodha Akbar: Khaiber Handsover Jodha To Jalal, Kills Himself Brokenhearted! (14th August)

Jodha Akbar 14th August written episode: Jodha feels helpless in front of the cruel robbers. Again Khaiber saves her. He is irritated for her repeated attempts of escape. Jodha promises that she will not escape anymore. She goes with him again.

Jodha tells the demon that she is feeling hungry. He ties her with a tree with the help of plants. He goes to a nearby village where people are cooking food to offer to Lord Krishna.

The villagers are scared seeing such a big demon. Khaiber easily lifts a big pot of food and walks towards the jungle. One of the villagers remembers that they were informed about a demon who has kidnapped queen Jodha.

A little boy sees Jodha tied with tree. He liberates her and informs the villagers. They become sure that it is the same monster and they will get big rewards from the Emperors if they can rescue the queen.

They villagers chase Khaiber and attack him with stones and rods. Jodha comes and stops the villagers saying that the demon has not harmed her. She protects him and escapes with him.

Soon Jodha understands that the monster has been protecting her always, because he loves her. She tells Khaiber that he cannot love a woman who is someone’s wife and pregnant with his child.

Akbar and his troop come to the village and the villagers give them the direction where Khaiber has taken Jodha. Jodha sees Akbar when she is standing on the edge of a cliff with Khaiber.

Jodha shouts that she is coming to Akbar, but Khaiber tries to stop her. She falls through the steep slope. Akbar comes down the steep wall with the help of rope. Jodha manages to hold a rock.

Both Khaiber and Akbar stretch their hands to Jodha. Jodha holds Akbar’s hand and they are rescued by the Mughal troop. Khaiber sees them going to a safe destination.

After Jodha becomes safe with Akbar, Khaiber jumps from the cliff and ends his life!

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