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Jodha Akbar: 14th July; Jalal Tortured, Jodha Confident He's Alive And Refuses Poison(Photos)

Jodha Akbar 14th July written episode: Akbar fails to make Nigar believe that he has never cheated her or imprisoned Chand Begum. Abul Mali insists on killing Akbar. Nigar reminds him of the instruction of Begum Maha Chuchak, who wants Akbar to die a painful death, after being tortured for hours.

Todarmal gives the news of Akbar's imprisonment to the ladies of Harem. He insists on shifting them quickly. Hamida refuses to go anywhere without her son. The queens agree with her. They tell Todarmal to think of Akbar's security.

Abul Mali brutally beats up Akbar and tells him to beg for mercy; but he refuses. Abul irritates him saying that he will attack his harem and abuse his queens. Akbar tells him that his queens are not so weak!

Todarmal wants to leave half of the Mughal troop for the protection of the harem, and take the rest with him to rescue Akbar. Jodha tells him that the queens know self-defense; so, he should take the big portion of the troop with him. Hamida and others support Jodha. Todarmal agrees.

Rukaiya distributes bottles of poison among the ladies, to commit suicide and save honour, in case the enemies attack the harem. Jodha refuses to take the poison.

Rukaiya tells Jodha that the queens of a defeated kingdom are robbed of their honour and treated like slaves. Jodha argues that they should not lose hope so easily. She strongly believes that Akbar will come back.

Abul Mali tells Akbar that he will go to his queens and show them false evidences to prove that he has been brutally killed. Akbar still refuses to surrender or beg for mercy!

Jodha Akbar: Jalal Tortured, Jodha Confident He's Alive-Pics

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