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Jodha Akbar: 14th May; Jalal Asks Jodha To Whip Him For Hurting Her

Jodha Akbar 14th May written episode: Akbar takes Jodha to her room, holding her hand. She finds the room wonderfully decorated. She also sees a new temple for her Kanha. Akbar declares that he wants to establish Kanha again. Akbar and Jodha jointly sit for the ritual.

Jodha comes to Hamida and begs for apology. Hamida regrets that Jodha could not share such a big crisis with her. She mentions how little Rahim has suffered in Jodha’s absence.

Hamida declares a punishment for Jodha for making them suffer who love her a lot. She says that Jodha will not be allowed to leave Agra without her permission. Jodha happily accepts this punishment. Hamida also thanks Jodha, as her absence has aroused the heart in Akbar and he has started thinking from his heart. Rukaiya prepares a painting and thinks of defeating Jodha.

Moti tells Jodha how Akbar suffered in her absence. He used to come to her chamber every night and spend sleepless nights, looking at her portrait. Moti claims that she has seen the pain in Akbar’s eyes, which comes from true love.

Shivani tells Jodha that Akbar truly loves her. She asks Shivani whether she is happy with Tejwant. Shivani confirms that she is happily married and asks about her parents. Jodha assures her that they have forgiven her.

Jodha comes to Akbar’s room and says that she has something to tell him. Akbar overwhelmingly says that he has eagerly waited to hear these words. He takes a whip and tells Jodha to whip him, as he thinks he deserves punishment!

Jodha Akbar

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