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Jodha Akbar: 15th April; Akbar Sincerely Repents At Darga For His Mistake

Jodha Akbar 15th April written episode: In her new shelter, Jodha introduces herself as Laxmi. A girl steals her Kanha idol and keeps running with it; she stops when Jodha runs out of breath. She tells Jodha that her name is Shahnaz. Shahnaz predicts that Jodha must be a queen. She claims that she can read faces. She reads Jodha’s face and says that she must have been deeply hurt by someone.

Shahnaz tells Jodha that everyone calls her mad. She thinks that those people are mad, who give priority to material pleasures over emotions. When Jodha asks about her love, she says that her love is lost. A lady tells Jodha that the girl is different from others. She worships Krishna sometimes and sometimes Allah; she sings both Bhajan and Kawali.

Women ask Jodha about her husband. She says that her husband is busy with work and so she has come alone to visit the pilgrimage. The women doubts that she has left home after some misunderstanding.

In time of eating, Jodha becomes caring for Shahnaz. The girl prays for her well being. Akbar orders his soldiers to be divided into several troops and go in search of Jodha. He enters the Darga to repent for his mistake and pray for Jodha.

Abul Mali asks Sharifuddin why he did not inform him about Jalal’s Ajmer trip. Sharifuddin tells him that he could not take benefit of the situation as Jalal is accompanied by a big troop of soldiers. He adds that Sujhamal has alerted Jalal about his enemy inside the palace.

Jodha Akbar

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