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Jodha Akbar: 15th May; Rukaiya Faints Seeing Jalal’s Love For Jodha

Jodha Akbar 15th May written episode: When Akbar talks about punishment, Jodha says that she is guiltier than him, as she hid the truth from him and led him to have misconceptions. She also feels guilty for hurting Hamida, Salima and Rahim. And she has shown too much of pride when Akbar begged for apology, adds Jodha.

Jodha explains that she has not come back for Akbar has forgiven Shivani or demolished pilgrimage tax, but she has realized that Akbar has changed. She wanted to see this Akbar forever, who has heart and who can love—claims Jodha. They embrace passionately.

Rukaiya suddenly visits Akbar’s chamber and sees Akbar and Jodha very close to each other. She quickly leaves the place and feels sick out of utter mental disturbance. She falls unconscious.

Akbar and others become worried for Rukaiya and call the doctor. The doctor says that there is no major complaint, only she is a little weak. Rukaiya cannot tolerate Jodha’s presence around her. Akbar takes her to her chamber and tells her to rest properly and take food and medicine at proper intervals. Akbar’s care sets Rukaiya’s mood right again.

Shahnaz enters Maha Manga’s chamber by mistake, as she finds all the chambers ‘looking the same’. She searches for the Kanha idol in a chest. Maha Manga erupts on her thinking that she is a spy of Jodha. She talks of punishing her. Jawida comes and saves Shanaz explaining that she is mentally disturbed. Maha Manga again comes to the jungle fort and tortures her captive to take out information.

When Jodha performs her daily puja in front of the Tulsi plant, Rahim watches her and opines that Akbar did everything in the right way. He explains to Jodha that Akbar used to water the plant and perform the puja everyday, in her absence. Jodha watches that her Tulsi plant has not dried in summer!

Jodha Akbar

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