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Jodha Akbar: Jodha Makes Maha Manga Eat!

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Jodha Akbar 15th September written episode: The news of Jawida’s pregnancy excites Maha Manga. She sits up with difficulty and takes the food plate. Jawida and Resham Khan thank Jodha for her concern for Maham. Jawida is worried about the lie, as it will be caught very soon. Jodha says that presently Maham’s health is most important, she will figure out matters later. She hopes that Maham will get back the desire of living.

Maham tells the prison guards that she wants to meet Jawida and requests them to send message. Jodha again comes to meet Maham and faces her angst. She requests Maham to take her curse back. Maham refuses doing so. She again murmurs that she wants to see Jawida and raise Adham’s child. Jodha promises to bring Jawida.

Jodha Akbar: Jodha Makes Maha Manga Eat!

Jodha, Akbar and Rukaiya discuss the names of the children. Akbar prefers a Rajbanshi name for one of them. Jodha suggests the names Hassan and Hussain, if there are two sons.

Sharifuddin’s father provokes him to bring attack upon Akbar. Sharifuddin tells him about the secret tunnel which goes to Jodha’s room. He forbids his father to harm Jodha. His father understands that Sharifuddin is emotional about Jodha. He agrees not to harm Jodha.

Sharifuddin’s father meets Akbar and tells him to see the night sky. He explains that the star positions at this night are very special. He says that a pregnant woman should spend the night with her husband, for the good future of the children.

Sharif’s father insists Akbar into spending the night with Jodha. Akbar heads towards Jodha’s room. Sharifuddin travels through the secret tunnel with his associate. Akbar does not know that another fatal attack is waiting for him!

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