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Jodha Akbar: 16th April; Jodha And Jalal In Jamuna Unaware Of Each Other!

Jodha Akbar 16th April written episode: Maha Manga stealthily enters Hamida Begum’s room at night and searches for some paper desperately. She feels depressed when she fails to find it. Begum Rukaiya is troubled with the fact that Akbar is spending so much time in Jodha’s search, while he could engage soldiers for the job.

Rahim comes to Rukaiya, as he is missing Jodha and her stories. Rukaiya tries to tell stories to Rahim, but he does not like her stories. She bursts into anger. Jodha also misses Rahim at night.

Jodha’s mother talks to Shaguni Bai, a lady with prophetic qualities. Shaguni Bai assures her that Jodha and Akbar are going through a test of love; after they cross this stage, they will find a new definition of romance.

Akbar visits different places and asks people about Jodha. Some villagers tell him that they have seen a woman, extremely good looking, carrying Kanha idol with her. But they cannot give any idea where she has gone. Akbar meets a group of pilgrims who are going to Mathura. He thinks that Jodha must be close to her Kanha. So, he starts for Mathura.

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Akbar’s attendant alerts him that there is information about Abul Mali’s presence in Mathura. Akbar ignores it. He feels safe in Mathura as it is the place of lord Sri Krishna.

Akbar goes near the river of Jamuna. He remembers that Jodha told him about the magical power of the river. Whoever bathes in the river with complete dedication, his/her wish is fulfilled. Akbar bathes in Jamuna, with a wish of getting back Jodha. He cannot see that Johda is bathing in the river, standing very close to him!

Jodha Akbar

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