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Jodha Akbar: 16th July; Mughal Harem Invent Weapons, Defeat Abul Mali (Photos)

Jodha Akbar 16th July written episode: Jodha successfully inspires the ladies of Mughal Harem to fight back. They become busy in preparation of self defense. Hamida and other aged ladies prepare boiling water and mixture spices to damage the skin and eyes of the enemies. Zakira prepares dangerous poisons, with the assistance of the lady doctor. The doctor opines that the enemies can never imagine of such weapons!

Nigar tells Akbar that she can save his chief queens from being disrobed and dishonoured, if he tells her where he has kept her mother. Akbar again says that she is misunderstanding him. Todarmal's search for Akbar is continued.

Abul Mali sends his messenger to the Mughal harem to tell the ladies to surrender. Jodha gives the message of the Mughal ladies, that they will fight till their last breath. Abul Mali's troop attacks the harem.

The soldiers become surprised seeing that the women are well prepared to fight them back. While Jodha is an expert in sword, Rukaiya takes bow and arrow. Salima binds little Rahim at her back and fights.

The spice mixes and the poison are thrown at the faces of the enemies. Abul Mali attacks Rukaiya and holds her as a captive. Jodha attacks him and saves Rukaiya. She tells Abul Mali that women are not properties, that can be won in war. She adds that even his queens will abhor him, if they come to know about his disrespect for women.

Jodha defeats Abul Mali in sword fighting. He falls on the ground.

Jodha Akbar: 16th July; Mughal Harem Invent Weapons, Defeat Abul Mali

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