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Jodha Akbar: Jalal Decides To Send Maha Manga To Delhi

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Jodha Akbar 16th September written episode: Akbar sleeps in Jodha’s room at night. Sharifuddin travels through the secret tunnel and peeps into Jodha’s room through a hole. Akbar hears a sound and wakes up. He comes out with his sword and sees Resham Khan outside Jodha’s door. He doubts that Resham has come to harm Jodha, as she was in Maham’s service. He tells the soldiers to arrest Resham.

Akbar comes back to the room and sees the hole in the wall. He comes into the tunnel. Sharifuddin and his associate run away. They see that soldiers are present around them. Sharifuddin understands that he will not be able to kill Akbar. He kills his own confidant.

Jodha Akbar: Jalal Decides To Send Maha Manga To Delhi

When Akbar sees Sharifuddin, he says that he was patrolling the prison area and he saw the man entering the tunnel. He followed and killed him for Akbar’s safety. Akbar seals the tunnel on an urgent basis. He tells his men to keep watch on Sharifuddin as his excessive loyalty raises doubt in his mind. Sharif’s father overhears this.

Sharif’s father rebukes him for his failure. He also alerts Sharifuddin that Akbar has started doubting him. He advises him to pretend being in danger and raise sympathy in Akbar’s mind.

Rukaiya mercilessly whips Resham Khan for going to Jodha’s room. Jodha tells her that she herself called Resham to know about Maha Manga. Akbar and Rukaiya come to know that Jodha is concerned about Maham. Akbar decides to send Maham to Delhi, as he is worried about Jodha’s safety. Rukaiya supports him.

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