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Jodha Akbar: 17th April; Jalal Reaches Jodha At Last While Getting Stoned By People

Jodha Akbar 17th April written episode: Maha Manga comes to the jungle fort. She opens the door and talks to a person. The guard reports her that the person is refusing food. Maha Manga says that he must be kept alive until she achieves her goal.

Adgar Khan meets Hamida Begum and informs that there are huge discrepancies in the accounts handled by Adam Khan. He complaints that Adam has not deposited the taxes and revenues properly. Hamida tells him that he must take action against a wrongdoer, whoever it may be.

Adgar calls Adam and accuses him of corruption. Adam becomes arrogant. Adgar warns him to behave well. Maha Manga intervenes and tries to control Adam. Adgar reminds Adam that he will have to face srtingent punishment if Akbar comes to know about this. Adam targets Adgar with his knife. Maha Manga struggles to stop him. He stops when her hand is wounded. Adam goes to call the doctor; Maha Manga sobs helplessly.

Akbar come to know about the pilgrim shelter where Jodha is staying. He comes to the Ashrama and asks the caretaker about Jodha. He shows him Jodha’s room. When Akbar goes there, he finds Shahnaz only.

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Shahnaz and Jodha see a village court, where the Mukhiya gives death penalty to a woman, accusing her of illegitimate love affair. He orders to burn her alive. Shahnaz rushes to the place and tries to protect the girl.

The angry mob start throwing stone at them. Jodha goes to save Shahnaz. Akbar comes and tries to hide them from the flying stones. Jodha hears Akbar’s voice and understands that he is present in Mathura. Akbar cannot see her amid the nuisance.

Jodha Akbar

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