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Jodha Akbar: Rukhaiya Salutes Jodha When Jalal Returns To Haram (17th July-Photos)

Jodha Akbar 17th July written episode: Abul Mali escapes from Jodha’s grip. Next she fights against Nigar. Soon Atgah comes with the soldiers. The enemies set the camps ablaze.

Abul Mali comes back to Akbar and says that the thirty hour deadline of Maha Chuchak is over. Now he has to kill Akbar, says Abul. Suddenly there is an attack on the prison soldiers. Abul Mali becomes angry seeing attack from the backside, against the law of war.

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Man Singh answers that it is against the nature of Rajvanshi soldiers to attack from the backside, but Abul Mali and his troop deserve it. Man Singh and his soldiers liberate Akbar.

Man Singh narrates that while he was returning from war, he came to know that Akbar has been imprisoned. He cleverly found the location of the prison and waited for the right opportunity.

Todarmal sees Abul Mali and fights against him. Akbar and Man Singh join him soon, but Abul Mali escapes. Akbar comes back to his camp and sees the damage and destruction. He becomes worried for the ladies.

Akbar is relaxed to see that his mother and wives are safe. Rukaiya gives all the credit to Jodha. She describes how they got prepared for taking poison, but Jodha was defiant. She stood against the enemies like a tigress. Rukaiya pays respect to Jodha publicly!

The Mughal camp celebrates victory in war. Akbar personally comes to Jodha later and says that history will remember Jodha’s name for this unique victory!

Jodha Akbar: Jalal Freed, Returns To Jodha, Finds Her Praised By Rukhaiya

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