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Jodha Akbar: Akbar Declares His Marriage With Atifa, Jodha And Rukhaiya Shocked

Jodha Akbar 18th August written episode: Akbar goes to meet Atifa. She says that she was frightened with the thought that he has probably left her. Akbar assures her that it can never happen, as she means a lot to him. Zakira watches them and informs Jodha.

Salima comes to Jodha and tells her that she should repair the misunderstanding between Akbar and her. She adds that even after Jodha committed a serious mistake by liberating Akbar, he has pardoned her and took her back to the palace. So, still there is a lot in their relationship, says Salima.

The Qazi calls Atifa and tells her that she is committing a serious crime by going against her husband and will be deserted by the society. Atifa sends message to Akbar in the middle of his political meeting at Dewan-E-Khas.

Akbar bursts on Atifa for disturbing him. She tells him how helpless she is and feels like dying. Akbar comes back to the meeting hall where Adam Khan is criticizing him.

Akbar tells Adam Khan that an Emperor can do whatever he likes. Rules can be made and broken by him. He declares his marriage with Atifa with the additional message that he will care for nothing in this matter.

Jodha is inspired by Salima and gets ready to meet the Emperor. Zakira informs her about the news of marriage. Jodha thinks that Akbar is going to lose his position, due to this illegitimate love affair.

She sees Rukaiya soon, who is equally raged. Rukaiya is tensed over her position of Chief Queen. She tells Jodha that Queens of an Emperor can never expect lifetime love and romance. They have to save their positions first. Jodha is perplexed.

Jodha Akbar: Akbar Declares His Marriage With Atifa, Jodha And Rukhaiya Shocked

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