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Jodha Akbar: Akbar To Divorce Jodha After Marrying Atifa?

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Jodha Akbar 19th August written episode: Rukaiya and Salima Begum criticize Akbar for his decision of marrying Atifa. He remains stubborn. Jodha tells him that the common people will suffer for his decision. Akbar ignores her warning saying that she never behaves like a responsible person and always puts him down. So, she has no right to warn him.

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The Rajputs request Man Singh to lead their fight for separate kingdom, if Akbar has to resign from his post. Man Singh refuses. Rebellion is spread throughout the kingdom.

Jodha Akbar: Akbar To Divorce Jodha After Marrying Atifa?

Adam Khan comes to Sharifuddin and says that this is a good opportunity to stand up against the Emperor. Sharifuddin thinks that he will not take part in this. If Akbar changes his decision and the situation changes, the rebels will be in trouble, thinks Sharifuddin. Maham also refuses supporting Adam.

Sharifuddin misguides Adam and suggests that he should provoke the mass against the Emperor. Adam goes amid the mass and says that they should protest against the crime of the Emperor.

The raged mob comes in front of the Mughal Palace and makes loud protest. Atgah Khan informs Akbar about the protest. He suggests that Akbar should go and address the public, but the Emperor arrogantly refuses it. He says that whoever makes protest, will be fired readily.

A scent seller woman comes inside the palace. Rukaiya orders a few variants of scents. When she is about to leave, Atifa comes and cancels the order. She orders some other variants.

It agitates Rukaiya beyond all limits. She bursts on Atifa for violating her order. Akbar sees Rukaiya pulling Atifa’s hair. He comes there and insults Rukaiya. Jodha intervenes.

Jodha tells Akbar that he cannot insult his chief Queen publicly. She adds that she has the courage of speaking against Akbar, if he makes mistakes. She announces that she will leave Agra permanently, if he marries Atifa.

Akbar replies that he is ready to give talaq to Jodha!

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