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Jodha Akbar: 1st May; Jalal Missing Jodha; Maha Manga Awaits Verdict

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Jodha Akbar 1st May written episode: Maha Manga comes to meet Akbar. The securityman tells her that Akbar wants to stay alone. When she insists further, the guard sends her message to Akbar, who refuses to meet her outright. He even does not see her.

Hamida tells Salima that when she went to the deserted place with Maha Manga, she believed that Maha Mnaga goes there for praying in solitariness. Now she thinks that there must be some other secret. Hamida declines meeting Akbar as her presence can remind him of his Badi Ammi.

Akbar comes to Hamida. She counsels him for this crisis. She reminds him that Maha Manga has milked him and loved him more than her own child Adam. But at the same time she has committed a crime. So Akbar should behave like an Emperor and should take a balanced decision. Akbar tells Hamida that Maha Manga has accused an innocent person of a dirty crime like adultery. This is enough to forget all her favours to him, thinks Akbar.

Resham keeps crying for Maha Manga. She tells Resham that in the court room Akbar will give a test of his judgement. Maham is waiting to see what he values more—her loyalty on many occasions or her treachery on a single occasion.

Rukaiya arranges Akbar’s favourite games and wine in her room, as she thinks that Akbar will come to her, to find comfort. She comes to know that Akbar has gone to Jodha’s room to spend the night. She vandalizes the room in utter disgust and pain.

Hamida sends Jodha’s portrait to Akbar, which he keeps in front of his eyes. In Jodha’s room Akbar asks Moti Bai whether she knew about Jodha’s meeting with Sujhamal. Moti begs pardon for not being able to inform Akbar, as she was bound by her words to Jodha. She assures him that Jodha will come back very soon. At Ajmer Jodha wakes up in her sleep, as she sees Akbar in her dream.

Jalal Refuse To Meet Maha Manga

Jalal would refuse to meet Maha Manga when she tries to have a talk with him.

Maha Manga Returns Dejected

When Jalal refuses to meet her even when she calls him out loud, she would be left with no choice but to return dejected.

Jalal Meets Hamida

Jalal meets his mother Hamida Begam, who would ask Jalal to make a decision as a Shehanshah and also to remember that she had saved his life and fed him as a child.

Jalal's Decision

Jalal, however, would be clear on his thoughts that though Maha Manga has done a lot of good, her last betrayal has cost her a lot.

Maha Manga's Right?

Maha Manga would still be in the opinion that she is right and that she has not done anything wrong.

Jalal In Jodha's Chamber

Jalal would decide to spend his night in Jodha's chamber.

Rukhaiya Most Hurt

When Rukhaiya hears about Jalal spending his night in Jodha's chamber, she would see red.

Jalal Sulking

Jalal would know that Moti bai new about Sujhamal being Dilawar Khan. He would tell her that if she had told him Jodha would now be with them.

Jalal Missing Jodha

Jalal would miss Jodha terribly and would call out for her to return to him.

Jodha's Nightmare

Jodha would have a nightmare that Jalal is calling out for her to return to him.

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