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Jodha Akbar: Zeenat Plans To Slow Poison Hussain

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Jodha Akbar 1st October written episode: Rukaiya and Akbar are totally out of their mind seeing that Hussain is still. Jawida narrates that she has seen Zeenat giving something to the baby’s mouth, before it became still. Akbar orders to arrest Zeenat. The baby is taken to doctor.

The doctor checks Hussain and says that there is no problem with his health. She opines that Zeenat must have given a piece of sugar cube to his mouth as he was suffering from cold and throat problem. Akbar and Rukaiya apologize to Zeenat and request her to look after the baby as she was doing. She agrees.

Jodha Akbar: Zeenat Plans To Slow Poison Hussain

Rukaiya insults Jawida; Jodha tries to save her, but fails as Rukaiya is arrogant. Jawida feels helpless and misses Maha Manga. Zeenat tells Quasim that she actually intended to poison the baby. But at the last moment she felt she should avoid it.

Zeenat opines that what has happened it was good for her. Jalal will never doubt her again. Quasim cautions her that Jalal is very clever and Rukaiya is even more alert than him. Zeenat confidently says that no one will be able to prevent her from fulfilling her aim.

She tells Quasim that this time she will use such a poison which will not kill the child immediately. He will suffer from chronic illness and will deteriorate slowly. No one will be able to doubt her. The babies are taken to Maulavis to take blessings. Zeenat looks for an opportunity to poison Hussain.

Jodha tells Akbar that she feels worried for Hussain, whether he is getting the same care like Hasan. Akbar promises her that he will always look after the matter, so that Hussain is never neglected. Jodha says that he is the best father of the world!

Todarmal comes to Rana Pratap with Akbar’s letter, where Akbar has warned the king not to give shelter to rebels. He insists the king into meeting Akbar. Rana Pratap agrees.

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