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Jodha Akbar: Mahamanga Fails With Her Master Plan With Atifa!

Jodha Akbar 21st August written episode: Atgah wants to warn Akbar (Rajat Tokas) for the last time, against his disastrous step of marrying Atifa. Akbar insults him and tells him to leave his service. Rukaiya becomes stunned seeing Akbar’s arrogance to this extent! The wedding ceremony starts soon. Muslim religious officials threat Akbar that no Qazi will take part in this marriage. Soon a captivated Qazi is brought to the hall. Hamida tells Akbar that it is unpardonable to force a Qazi. He ignores. Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) prepares to leave.

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The Qazi becomes compelled to perform the marriage rites. After the marriage is complete and the couple stands in the centre of the hall, Atifa cuts the groom’s throat. All the officers and queens are captivated. Jodha comes to the hall to wish Akbar and sees the groom’s dead body lying on the floor. Jodha asks Atifa how she can kill her husband. The woman replies that her name is Sakina.

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Maham bursts on Sakina. She says that she never told her to kill Akbar, but only to remove him from his position. Amanullah says that they could not take risk. Maham sits beside Jalal and moans. Maham says that she never wanted to kill Jalal, but only to dethrone him, as he was getting attached to a Hindu queen. All are shocked at this unexpected revelation. Jodha says that she will kill Maham.

Jodha tries to go towards Maham, while Amanullah stops her. And more shockingly, Akbar comes out from the disguise of a Qazi and saves Jodha. Akbar tells Maham that he is well aware of her conspiracy. She says that she has captured the arsenal. Akbar says that the weapons have been deactivated.

Akbar narrates how he was alerted from the very first day, when he saw Atifa alias Sakina in the royal bathing hall. He sniffed some conspiracy and pretended being trapped. Akbar clears that he created a drama of marriage and expulsion of Atgah Khan. He unveils the groom to show that it is one of Maham’s men, who has been murdered. Atgah comes with soldiers.

Jodha Akbar: Atifa Is Mahamanga's Master Plan!

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