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Jodha Akbar: 22nd April; Will Jalal Survive Abul Mali’s Attack?

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Jodha Akbar 22nd April written episode: Jodha’s mother earnestly apologizes to her. Jodha says that she never minded her words, as she knew the intention behind it. Maynamati says that the festival, that was to be stopped due to Jodha’s absence, will now be celebrated in a grand way.

In his return trip, Akbar sits under a tree inside the jungle. A poor man comes to him and offers half of his food. The man talks about Akbar and opines that he must have heart, though he claims himself to be heartless. Akbar is impressed by his generosity and offers money in return.

The poor man says that he has offered his most precious thing to him, as food is the most important thing for a hungry man. He claims something precious in exchange. Akbar gives him a coin; he explains that he is giving the coin to him, as he has identified his heart. He remembers that Jodha gave him the coin and told him to give it to the person who will identify his heart. The poor man becomes overwhelmed to know that he has met the Emperor.

Maynamati gives a necklace to Jodha, that she has to wear in the Shiv-Parvati puja festival. She mentions that this Puja is done for the wellbeing of a couple. The necklace is worn by the wife, for the good luck of her husband. Jodha finds that the necklace is torn. She fears some danger of Akbar and quickly sits to repair the necklace.

Akbar is attacked by Abul Mali and his men. Abul says that he is a stupid as he has come amid the enemies, without any protection, for the reason of a woman. Akbar stands alone amid the armed soldiers.

Abul Mali asks Akbar about his last desire. Akbar desires a prayer and Abul grants it. As he starts praying, everybody keeps arms down. He takes the opportunity and snatches Abul’s sword, to fight back.

Jodha Returns To Ajmer

Jodha is back at Ajmer with her father. She will be received by the entire family except her mother, who is ashamed of what she told Jodha previously.

Jodha Meets Her Grandmother And Then Mother

Jodha would receive blessing from her grandmother and others and goes to her mother.

Jodha Forgives Her Mother

Jodha would forget and forgive what her mother had told her previously.

Jalal Continues Hurting

Jalal would be on his way back alone and would take a break to stay alone. He yet again feels extremely guilty for having hurt Jodha so bad.

Jalal Has A Heart

Jalal would come across a fellow traveler who would share his lunch with Jalal and when he tries to repay him with money, the stranger tells he gave something very precious to him and would receive only something precious in return. But when he realises he is the Shehansha he would refuse to take it.

The stranger also mentions that Shehansha has a heart and by the time he would realise the fact, he would have lost it.

Abul Mali Attacks Jalal

Abul Mali attacks Jalal with his men.

Jalal Fights Back

Jalal would stay calm and ask for a chance to pray first. And when he starts praying Abul Mali's men too star their prayers.

Jalal Starts His Prayer

When Jalal starts praying, Abul's men to start praying.

Places Change

Sensing them distracted for a second, Jalal attacks Abul Mali.

Fatal Attack

Jalal would get attacked from all sides at the same time. Jalal would end up getting badly hurt.

Will Jalal Survive?

Will Jalal survive the fatal attack. He has been escaping from attacks repeatedly, will he survive this time too? Jodha senses the danger and would be worried for him.

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