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Jodha Akbar: 23rd April; Jodha Insensitive Towards Jalal's Condition?

Jodha Akbar 23rd April written episode: Jodha prays for the safety of Akbar. Abul Mali attacks Akbar with his sword, when Akbar is lying on the ground. But Akbar is miraculously saved, as the sword touches the coin kept under his belt. It is the coin that Jodha gave him. Akbar quickly gets up and attacks Abul Mali. He does not kill him, as he is a relative, but damages his face and one of his eyes.

Akbar faints soon as his wounds bleed profusely. He is rescued by soldiers. When Akbar opens his eyes, he discovers that he is in Ajmer. Bharmal tells him that he sent his soldiers to follow Akbar, though Akbar wanted to travel alone. Akbar thanks him as the soldiers saved him in the right moment.

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Akbar becomes desperate to meet Jodha and comes to know that she is doing the Gangour Puja. He remembers that he met Jodha for the first time, on the day of this Puja. He neglects all warnings and heads towards the riverbank.

When Jodha sits on the riverbank for the Puja, she sees Akbar’s image in the water, as he is standing behind her. She thinks it is a hallucination, as Bharmal and others quickly take Akbar back to his rest room as he is too weak. Jodha tells Maynawati that she is seeing Akbar everywhere.

When Jodha discovers Akbar in her chamber, he tries to apologisee to her again. Jodha complains to her father that she does not like keeping him in her room. Bharmal reprimands Jodha for being tough on a wounded and weak man, when he is her husband. He also reminds her how an Emperor traveled a long path, only to search her out.

Maynawati tells Jodha that Akbar is a guest in Ajmer, moreover he is ill. So, he must be taken care of. Still if Jodha does not like him, she can shift to another room, adds Maynawati. Jodha changes her mind and says that she will take care of Akbar.

Jodha Akbar

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