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Jodha Akbar: Nigaar Gets Maha Manga Caught, Jalal Announces Jodha's Pregnancy

Jodha Akbar 23rd July written episode: Jodha tells Akbar that Rajvanshi women never become the weakness of their husbands, but their strength. She has hidden the news of her pregnancy, because she did not want to distract an Emperor from his duties of state.

Jodha says that she would like to teach her child the lesson of bravery, not of weakness. She feels proud that her child has learnt to be responsible and courageous from the womb! Akbar announces the good news with the intimation of a celebration.

Maha Chuchak is shown some instances of the strength of Khaibar, the human-animal. She is impressed by the grooming given by his mentor. He asks for a sample of Jalal's blood. Abul Mali gives a cloth stained by Jalal's blood, which he has collected from the prison, where Jalal was kept during the war. Maha Chuchak orders that Khaibar and a troop of soldiers should start for Agra.

Maha Manga is tensed over the fact whether Nigar will expose her tricks in front of Jalal. She looks for an opportunity to talk with her privately, but fails. Nigar is called by Jalal at Dewan-E-Khas.

Jalal tells Nigar that he will most sincerely search for Chand Begum. He asks her when and where she saw her for the last time. Nigar recalls that at the night of Jalal's marriage anniversary, she went to the secret prison with the ration transport.

Nigar's eyes become wet when she remembers her mother's pitiable condition. She tells Akbar that her mother has lost her sanity due to brutal torture. Akbar asks Nigar who told her that he has imprisoned her mother.

Nigar points her finger towards Maha Manga. She fails to escape. Akbar says that this time she even does not deserve death penalty for her crime. Maham becomes on her knees and begs for life.

Adam loses his cool and tells Maham that she should not beg in front of Jalal. He takes out his sword to kill Jalal!

Jodha Akbar: Nigaar Gets Maha Manga Caught, Jalal Announces Jodha's Pregnancy

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