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Jodha Akbar: 23rd May; Rukhaiya's Pregnancy News Spoils Jodha-Jalal's Celebrations (Pics)

Jodha Akbar 23rd May written episode: Hamida puts the crowns on Akbar and Jodha—which she has gifted them in their anniversary. Akbar finds Jodha upset regarding the issue of Shahnaz. Hamida calls them for a Rajvangshi ritual, in which they have to find out a gem from a bowl of milk and make a wish after that. After Jodha finds the gem, Hamida wishes a baby for the couple.

Shahnaz thinks of utilizing the opportunity of the festival. She comes to check the Humayunnama again. Moti calls her and takes her to a place from where she can watch the festival. Shahnaz becomes angry missing the chance.

Rukaiya calls the lady doctor in her chamber and gives some instruction. Maha Manga calls a doctor for her captive. She says that he has to get well soon, to fulfill her mission.

When Akbar is busy in romancing with Jodha and teasing her about Hamida's wish for a baby, he is called by the lady doctor, who informs her about Rukaiya’s pregnancy. Akbar leaves the festival at once and meets Rukaiya.

Jodha follows Akbar and stands at the door of Rukaiya’s chamber. She watches Akbar lost in the happiness of becoming a father. She feels pain as she watches him kissing Rukaiya’s hand and forehead. Her eyes are filled with tears. Rukiaya is delighted as Jodha’s anniversary is spoiled.

Hamida is informed about the news by the lady doctor who opined after Rukaiya’s miscarriage that she would never become mother again. The doctor says that this is God’s will that she has become pregnant. When Jiji Anga suggests celebration, Hamida says that the news should be kept secret, as an accident took place previously.

Jodha Akbar

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