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Jodha Akbar: Jodha's Pregnant With Twins, Gets Kidnapped Tonight! (July 24th-Photos)

Jodha Akbar 24th July written episode: Maham was only anticipating the situation, Nigar actually does not expose her. She tells Akbar that his enemies have used her wrongly. When Maham meets her later, Nigar tells her that she is grateful for Maham's help, when she was in crisis. Nigar thinks Maham only helped her thinking that she is fighting for justice.

Adam Khan warns Maham to liberate Chand Begum, as she will never recover from her insanity or give any information. She is only increasing risk, thinks Adam. Maham ignores him, as she thinks that Chand is slowly recovering.

Atgah and Todarmal start their investigation about Chand Begum. As Nigar has told that she went to the secret prison with ration cart, they interrogate the ration transport staffs. They instruct the manager to inform them when the next ration carts start for prison.

Akbar comes to Rukaiya and spends time with her. He appreciates her qualities and says that he never wants to lose her. He requests her to look after Jodha. Rukaiya suffers from utter frustration.

The lady doctor diagnoses twin children in Jodha's womb. Akbar becomes more enthusiastic for celebration. Maha Chuchak gets the news of celebration inside the Mughal palace.

While Abul Mali thinks it would be a good opportunity to attack the Mughal palace, Faisal Beg thinks there will be high security inside the palace. Maha Chuchak decides to attack the palace during the festival. She orders Faisal Beg to prepare the soldiers and Khaibar for the attack!

Jodha Akbar: Jodha Is Pregnant With Twins, To Get Kidnapped By Khaibar

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