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Jodha Akbar: Jalal Torn Between Hatred And Love For Maha Manga!

Jodha Akbar 25th August written episode: Maha Manga is taken to the prison, while the Mughal palace is busy in Eid celebration. Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) says sorry to Atgah and his son Aziz for promising help to the princess of Champaran when she refused to marry Aziz. Akbar (Rajat Tokas) tells Jodha that he sent Aziz to the princess to know why she dislikes the Mughals so much and after knowing Aziz, she has changed her mind! Akbar tells Nigar that she can take over the administration of some states and rule in her own way.

Nigar says that she is happily living in the Mughal Kingdom and does not need her own free state. Only she wishes that her mother gets well soon. It reminds Akbar of the cruelty of Maha Manga.

Jodha sees the pain in Akbar’s face. She understands that he is in pain because he cannot forget his good times with Maham and he still loves her. On the other hand, Maham forbids Adam Khan to kill Jalal, when Adam is agitated over her imprisonment.

Akbar rewards Atgah with the states under the rule of Maham. Adam Khan suddenly erupts at Dwan-E-Khas and drains out all his anger against Akbar. He says that Akbar has taken a share of his mother’s love and he has been deprived forever.

Akbar punishes Adam for this open rebellion. He disrobes him of his offices and gives him the designation of a common soldier. Atgah and Todarmal alert Akbar about the chances of danger from Adam. Akbar thinks he is not intelligent enough to plan a conspiracy.

Jodha tells other queens that they must do something to make Akbar happy, as he is upset with the matter of Maham. The women of the harem plan to cook special dishes all by themselves, to give a pleasant surprise to the King.

Rukaiya prepares a sweet dish for Jodha, feeling thankful to her. Akbar comes to know about the matter from Rahim. He watches the ladies secretly with a smiling face!

Jodha Akbar: Jalal Torn Between Hatred And Love For Maha Manga!

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