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Jodha Akbar: Demon Attack On The Mughal Palace, Jalal Powerless (25th July-Photos)

Jodha Akbar 25th July written episode: Celebration starts in the Mughal palace. Akbar gifts a palna to Jodha with an idol of Kanha; he mentions that he has gifted a cradle with God idol, as Jodha told him that empty cradle is ominous.

He also presents Rajasthani dance and Tansen's music performance for Jodha. He recruits Tansen permanently for the Mughal functions. Rukaiya is envious even after Jodha gives ultimate respect to her.

Maha Chuchak's soldiers attack the palace with Khaiber. Khaiber's mentor makes him smell the blood of Akbar, before he enters the palace. He keeps sniffing, while he goes through the premises of the palace.

The sudden attack by the Kabul soldiers confuses the Mughal security staffs. They feel more helpless in front of the most horrifying demon. They promptly inform Atgah and Todarmal.

Akbar is informed about the attack. He tells King Bharmal and Todarmal to take the ladies to a safe place, without letting them know anything about the danger as it may panic them. Jodha becomes scared and asks Akbar what is going on. Akbar assures her that everything is alright and comes out.

Akbar, Atgah and Todarmal become shocked seeing the giant size creature. He brings the most virulent attack upon Akbar. Akbar becomes confused and helpless. He beats Akbar up and is about to smash him with a pillar. Akbar is saved by the Mughal soldiers! The ladies watch this horrific scene from the corridor. Jodha becomes sick and Salima controls her.

Jodha Akbar: Demon Attack On The Mughal Palace, Jalal Powerless

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