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Jodha Akbar: Akbar Brutally Kills Adham Khan! (Photos)

Jodha Akbar 27th August written episode: Before his death Atgah sends a messenger to Akbar to alarm him about Adham’s intention. The messenger reaches Akbar’s room through a secret tunnel mentioned by Atgah and informs Akbar about the tumult. Akbar comes to know that Atgah has been murdered by Adham and the assailant is coming towards his room with open sword. Akbar pounces on Adham Khan like a wounded tiger. He alone fights against Adham and defeats him.

Adham is arrested by the soldiers. The Emperor says that no more he can overlook Adham’s mistake. He must be given the most brutal punishment that people will remember. Akbar orders to throw Adham from the roof repeatedly, until he dies. The Emperor declares that he least regrets killing his milk-brother as he dared stand up against the rule of the state and kill a confidant of the Emperor.

The ladies become worried for Jawida. Hamida tells Jalal that Maha Manga should be informed about her son’s death and only Jalal has the strength to face her. On the other hand Maham becomes impatient to meet Akbar. Maha Manga requests the jail guards to take her to the Emperor because she wants to alarm him about his life threat from Adham. After a lot of confusion, the guards decide to take her to the Emperor.

Maham meets Akbar in the midway, as he is coming to give her the bad news. She sees his blood stained face and body, as she saw in the hallucination. She becomes relaxed seeing that Jalal is alright. Maham asks him about Adham. He only says that he has punished Adham after he killed Atgah. She regrets that Adham has forever been jealous of Jalal with the thought that Jalal has deprived him of his mother’s love.

Akbar hugs Maha Manga. She sees Jawida coming in the robe of a widow. She understands that her son has been killed. Maham faints in Jalal’s arms.

Jodha Akbar: Akbar Brutally Kills Adham Khan!

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