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Jodha Akbar: 27th March; Drunk Jalal Walks To Jodha Leaving Rukhaiya

Jodha Akbar 27th March written episode: Akbar tries to comfort himself in Rukaiya’s chamber, with games and wine. Rukaiya notices his sullenness. When she asks, Akbar tells her that Jodha is constantly lying to him. Rukaiya is pleased to know that he is doubting Jodha. She thinks that this doubt can be converted to hatred.

Moti notices Jodha’s restlessness. Jodha confides in her. She understands that Jodha is feeling envious, as Akbar is spending time with Rukaiya. Moti is pleased to know that Jodha has become truly emotional about Akbar.

Akbar wakes up while sleeping beside Rukaiya. He drinks again and completely loses control over himself. He leaves Rukaiya’s chamber and comes to Jodha’s chamber, stumbling several times. He sits beside Jodha and remembers her meeting with ‘an unknown man’ and that she pushed him away when he wanted to come close. He leaves her bed and tries to move, but falls.

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Jodha wakes up at the sound. She asks Akbar how he came there. Akbar tells her that once she pushed him, now he himself has fallen. Jodha lifts him from the ground and lays him on bed. He keeps saying that Jodha is doing wrong against him and falls asleep.

When Bakshi Banu falls asleep, Sujhamal thinks that it would be a good opportunity to investigate and find out the traitor. Maha Mnaga sees him wandering at night. He tells her that he was going to the kitchen and lost his way.

Maha Manga further questions him when he utters the language of a man, as a eunuch is supposed to utter the version of a woman. Sujhamal says that it was a mistake. Maha Manga smiles and thinks that she will allow Sujhamal to be in the Mughal palace, to serve her purpose.

Jodha Akbar

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