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Jodha Akbar: 27th May; Rukhaiya Furious Over Jalal-Jodha's Union (Pics)

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Jodha Akbar 27th May written episode: Adam is more disturbed knowing the news of Rukhaiya’s pregnancy. Sharifuddin alerts him that his unharnessed anger can harm him anytime. Sharifuddin is relaxed, because the child would become a heir only if it is a boy child. Even if it is a boy, it will take time to make him prepared for the responsibility. So, Sharifuddin insists on enjoying the present moment with wine.

Rukhaiya celebrates the success of her plan with the eunuchs. They indulge in unlimited drinking and dance. In the morning Hoshier wakes her up in the celebration hall. She rushes to Akbar’s room to spend time with him. The security men fail to stop her entering the room.

And Rukhaiya discovers her failure on Akbar’s bed—Jodha sleeping in Akbar’s arms. She almost falls sick in anguish and somehow manages to come back to her room. She tells other queens that Akbar has given her the most precious gift for the news of pregnancy. She recovers from the shock soon and makes a new plan.

Rukhaiya calls a maid and instructs her to bring Jodha to her room as she wants to meet her urgently. When Jodha wakes up, Akbar wants to indulge in romance for the whole day in his room. Jodha nods to his proposal; but Moti informs that there is an urgent call from Rukhaiya. Jodha becomes compelled to leave.

Rukhaiya Wakes Up Happy

Rukhaiya wakes u the next day happy. She would decide to go to Jalal immediately.

Rukhaiya Stopped

Rukhaiya would be stopped by the guards at Jalal's bed chamber. But she would push them aside and walks in.

Gets Shocked

Rukhaiya would get shocked to see Jodha and Jalal in bed.

Jodha And Jalal Together

Rukhaiya's plan to keep them separate would fail as they would have got back together anyways.

Rukhaiya Shattered

Rukhaiya would be shattered to see that Jodha has gotten closer to Jalal.

Rukhaiya's Words

Rukhaiya would think about her words to Jodha. Her declaration that she is the most special person in Jalal's life and no body can take that place no matter what.

Jodha's Reply

Jodha would have replied to Rukhaiya by saying that if her words are true, she can try keeping Jalal away from her.

Rukhaiya's Ray Of Hope

Rukhaiya would see a ray of hope and would be seen visibly cheering up. She would send word for Jodha to meet her immediately.

On The Other Side

On the other side, Jodha would wake up to find herself in Jalal's embrace.

Jodha And Jalal Together

Jodha would be happy to see that they have at last got together.

Jalal Wakes Up

When Jodha tries to move away, Jalal would wake up to stop her.

Jodha And Jalal Interrupted

Jodha and Jalal would get interrupted by Moti Bhai.

Jodha Called By Rukhaiya

Jodha would be informed that Rukhaiya Begum wants to meet her immediately. Jalal would get upset that Jodha is leaving him. But when she informs him that she would return immediately after, he lets her go.

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