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Jodha Akbar: 28th March; Jalal Rudely Declines Jodha's Request

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Jodha Akbar 28th March written episode: Rukaiya wakes up in the morning with the happy memories of the night. She bathes quickly and gets ready to meet Jodha, to give her the news of the night. She comes to Jodha’s room and starts the proud statement of her power and position, only to discover Akbar on Jodha’s bed.

Akbar becomes surprised to see himself in Jodha’s room. Jodha wants to know what he was saying at the night before falling asleep. Akbar leaves her room without saying anything. When Rukaiya complains to Akbar about the night, he says that he went to Jodha’s room unconsciously.

Jodha Akbar

Sharifuddin discovers Sujhamal taking the portrait to Jodha’s room. He orders him to keep it back where it was. When Akbar comes, Sharifuddin says that Bakshi Banu has ordered this painting of Jodha and he was sending it to Akbar’s chamber. Sujhamal smells something fishy in the matter.

Jodha comes to know that Hoshier is crying. When she asks, Hoshier tells her that it is her birthday. On this day she regrets living the life of a eunuch. Jodha tells her that life is a gift of God and it should never be regretted. She gives gifts to Hoshier.

Jodha appeals to Rukaiya to celebrate Hoshier Khan’s birthday. Rukaiya and Maha Mnaga laughs at her proposal. Rukaiya refuses to give permission. Jodha says that she will go to Akbar. Rukaiya tells Maha Manga that she wants Jodha to meet the man several times, so that Akbar’s doubt becomes stronger.

When Jodha asks for Akbar’s permission for the birthday celebration, Akbar refuses to give permission and shouts at her. Jodha is extremely hurt at this unexpected cruelty. Akbar himself also understands that he is showing his anger on petty issues, while actually he is disturbed with something else!

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