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Jodha Akbar: 29th April; Maha Manga Caught Read Handed, Jalal Disowns Her!

Jodha Akbar 29th April written episode: Shahnaz comes to Jodha and counsels her, giving an example of rose. She explains that one cannot be away from the beauty and fragrance of a rose, due to an occasional pain from a thorn. In the same way, Jodha should not stay away from Akbar for a single mistake, if she has ever seen any good quality in him. She gives a piece of cloth to Jodha, that Akbar has left in his room.

Adgar Khan meets Akbar on an urgent basis and informs about the complaint of Atmad Khan. Akbar initially bursts on him, as he is complaining against his Badi Ammi. Adgar tells him that he can give him death penalty, if the complaint is proved wrong.

Akbar calls Maha Manga urgently and interrogates her. She denies knowing the fact that the eunuch was Sujhamal. Akbar calls original Dilawar; Maha Manga says that she canceled his candidature as she didn’t like him.

Next Akbar calls the messenger who was appointed by Maha Manga to inform Akbar that Sujhamal was out of Agra. The man utters the truth that Maha Manga compelled him in telling the lie, giving life threat. Akbar clearly understands that it was Maha Manga’s plan to put Jodha down in his eyes.

Maha Manga understands that no more she can hide her plans. She admits making the plots to retain her power. She says that she could never bear Akbar’s love for Jodha.

Maha Manga accuses Akbar of depriving her. She mentions that it is she and Bairam Khan, who have made Akbar what he is. They have brought him up, groomed him and saved him from the enemies. But Akbar has done nothing in return, complains Maha Manga.

Maha Manga declares that she cannot accept a fate like Bairam Khan, who has been sent to Mecca, to live a pitiable life. She is even ready to accept death or to sacrifice her post, but she will never be repentant for what she has done!

Akbar utters that neither he will kill Maha Manga, nor will sack her, but no more he will be her son!

Jodha Akbar

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