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Jodha Akbar: Maham Curses Akbar, Jodha And Children!

Jodha Akbar 29th August written episode: Maha Manga stands up and questions the Emperor against his justice. She complains that he has not done justice with her son. He has not presented him in a court, or given him a chance of defending himself. Maham says that she will do the true justice, by cursing the Emperor. She utters that Akbar (Rajat Tokas) will never be happy with his child. He will see the dead body of Jodha's (Paridhi Sharma) child, like she is seeing now.

Akbar loses all control over his grief and the ladies become worried for him. After several glasses of wine, he eyes at his throne and thinks that it is the source of all troubles. His power has always snatched his loved ones from him. Jodha comes to his room and sees him setting the throne ablaze. She tries to extinguish the fire and says that it is ominous to insult the throne. Akbar regrets that his throne has taken peace away from his life.

Akbar remembers that Bairam Khan became his enemy for this throne. Maha Manga and her son planned to kill him for the same reason. His other relatives have targeted his life too. He mentions Maha Chuchak and Abul Mali. Jodha feels the pain of Akbar and comforts him. She prays for his strength to endure all these disasters. She also assures him that she does not love him for his throne and will be with him in all situations.

Jodha meets Maham in the prison when she is blabbering and drawing some plan on the prison wall. She is absolutely out of her mind and still thinks that she can get the throne. Maham arrogantly tells Jodha that she will never accept a Rajbanshi queen or her child. Jodha challenges that she will give birth to the Mughal heir and Maham’s curses will go in vain.

Jodha Akbar: Maham Curses Akbar, Jodha And Children!

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