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Jodha Akbar: 2nd April; Jodha Decides Confessing Love To Jalal

Jodha Akbar 2nd April written episode: Jodha thinks of confessing her love to Akbar. Akbar shares his pain with Maha Manga, who suggests that he should directly talk with Jodha. At Dewan-E-Khas, Akbar declares the new Subahdar of Marwa. When Adam Khan is almost ready to receive the title, Akbar announces the name of Abdullah Khan, that he has decided after a discussion with Adgar Khan.

Adam Khan bursts into uncontrolled rage. His associates fuel his anger. When Maha Manga tries to control him, he refuses her outright. He is all set to declare open war against Akbar. He thinks that he should first finish Adgar Khan. Maha Manga promises that she will give the throne of Delhi to Adam.

Rukaiya meets Maha Manga and shares her trick of sending Hoshier to Jodha’s service with a view to getting updates about Jodha. Maha Manga praises her and discloses the secret of Dilawar Khan to her. She says that it is Jodha’s secret lover, in the guise of a eunuch; she suggests that she will wait for the right moment to expose the matter to Akbar. She shares her next plan with Rukaiya.

Maha Manga calls Dilawar Khan and tells him that from now on he will do duty under Rukaiya. She orders Tabasum to paint a portrait of Dilawar. When Dilawar comes to Rukaiya, she orders a foot massage, thinking that if he is a true Rajbanshi, he will refuse it. Sujhamal thinks that he will never touch the feet of a Mughal.

Jodha Akbar

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