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Jodha Akbar: 2nd June; Maha Manga's Captive Is Jalal's Aunt Chand Bagum! (Pics)

Jodha Akbar 2nd June written episode: Jodha is surprised to know that Akbar is illiterate. She shares the information with Moti and appreciates Akbar, as he successfully runs such a big administration in spite of being illiterate.

Moti reminds Jodha that she has written a lot of letters to Akbar, to develop relationship with him. Jodha understands that the letters were interpreted by someone else—actually misinterpreted, to create misunderstanding! Jodha also understands that it was none other than Maha Manga. Jodha insists Akbar into having education. Akbar says that he would like to be her student.

Jodha prepares medicines for Rukaiya, who keeps throwing them away as they taste bitter. She proudly announces that she is already a special Queen of the Emperor and she would become the most special one, after giving birth to the heir of the royal family.

Shahnaz tries to understand the map of the palace—the entries and the exits. Maha Manga meets Shahnaz and says that she has doubt over her madness. Shahnaz understands that the lady is very clever.

Hamida calls Maham and asks about Chand Begum. Maham is shocked, but quickly manages to hide her expression. Hamida shares the matter of Chand Begum’s message to Akbar. Maham tries to rubbish it saying that it can be done by someone else, as Chand Begum is probably not alive.

Maham comes to the secret prison and tortures Chand Begum for sending message to Akbar. She is also angry with the guards. Akbar calls Tabasum for drawing Chand Begum’s picture, hearing the description from Atgah and Todarmal.

Jodha Akbar

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