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Jodha Akbar: A New Lady In Jalal's Life? (30th July-Photos)

Jodha Akbar 30th July written episode: Jodha is scolded by Hamida and Akbar for meeting Khaiber. She feels abdominal pain, due to keeping fast for Roja. Akbar becomes angrier. Jodha is hurt. Moti insists her into taking a lavish bath and dress well, because Akbar will definitely come to say sorry to her.

Akbar really feels sorry after a while and comes to meet Jodha. The gatekeeper tells him that she is in the washroom. Akbar straight goes to the Hamam, where he sees a lady, taking bath in the pool.

Jodha comes back to her room; Moti is surprised to see that her bath is done so fast. Jodha tells her that she did not have a mood for it. The gatekeeper sees Jodha inside her chamber and understands her mistake. The girl tells Jodha that she has misguided Akbar, who has gone to see her in the bath chamber. Jodha decides to go there.

Akbar thinks that Jodha is taking bath in the pool. He comes into the pool and hugs the woman from behind. When he talks with her, she turns her face. Akbar sees that it is some other woman!

Jodha comes into the washroom and sees Akbar with the woman. Akbar feels awkward. He quickly comes out of the pool and explains the misunderstanding. The girl runs away. Akbar sees that he is not able to wipe off the incident. The girl has created a permanent impression in his mind.

Todarmal informs Akbar that some people have fled from Kabul and is seeking shelter in the Mughal Empire. They are brought in front of Akbar. He again sees the woman and his eyes are captivated.

The woman's relative scolds her as he notices that her veil is open and the Emperor is charmed by her beauty. She tells him that she has already met the Emperor. Akbar gives them shelter and job.

Jodha Akbar: A New Lady In Jalal's Life? (30th July-Photos)

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