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Jodha Akbar: The Enemy Kills Akbar’s Child?

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Jodha Akbar 30th September written episode: A group of Hindu people come to thank Akbar for his generous decision of removing Jajiya from the system. They feel grateful for having the freedom of being in their own religion and culture. The businessmen promise to control inflation. Akbar says that it was his duty to establish equality among the common people. He declares that it will be considered a crime to discriminate people on the basis of religion.

Akbar again calls a meeting and expresses his desire to celebrate his fatherhood publicly. He insists on taking his children among the public. The ladies opine that the babies are too little and it can be injurious to their health. Mahesh Das tells Akbar that he should take the babies out in the public.

Jodha Akbar: The Enemy Kills Akbar’s Child?

Akbar comes to Jodha’s room when she is spending time with her baby. He wants to change the cloth of the child when it wets the cloth. He shows that he can be a caring father. He also visits Rukaiya’s room and sees that she is having great trouble with the child.

Mirza Quasim and Zeenat plan that they will take the opportunity of harming Akbar’s child during the festival. Rukaiya gives Hussain to Zeenat when she sleeps at night. Zeenat sees both Rukaiya and Hoshier sleeping and takes the baby out of the room.

Zeenat touches some white substance to the child’s mouth. Jaiwida sees this and rushes to Zeenat. She sees that the baby has become still and starts screaming madly.

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