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Jodha Akbar: Akbar Is Charmed By Atifa’s Voice (31st July)

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Jodha Akbar 31st July written episode: Akbar instructs Rukaiya to recruit the women for the works of Harem. When Tansen performs in the Harem function, Akbar sees Atifa, the girl he met in the washroom. Rukaiya tells him that she has been recruited as an attendant of the veteran singer, as she sings well. Atifa’s voice mesmerizes Akbar.

Akbar comes to Atifa and gifts her a necklace, with overwhelming appreciation for her voice. He tells her to open her veil, as she is safe in the Mughal harem. He keeps touching her hand now and then.

Jodha Akbar: Akbar Is Charmed By Atifa’s Voice (31st July)

Akbar sees a scar on Atifa’s palm. When he asks about it, she avoids the question and leaves. Akbar’s attraction towards Atifa is noticed by both Rukaiya and Jodha. While Jodha feels troubled, Rukaiya is happy to think that Akbar’s attention is shifted from Jodha.

Atifa’s husband is angry. He warns her not to open her veil again, wherever she is. He reminds her of the scar in her hand, which is a result of making him angry!

The alliance of Atgah’s son is fixed with a Hindu King’s daughter. Akbar heartily welcomes the girl’s father. He is hopeful that the relationship will be politically fruitful also.

Sharifuddin meets Khaiber and talks about Jodha. He understands that Khaiber is in love with Jodha. He regrets that it was he who liked Jodha first, but she got married to Akbar.

Khaiber’s mentor comes to the prison and kills the guard. He tells Khaiber that now he has to kill Jodha. Khaiber becomes angry and hits him. He whips Khiber with chain.

A toy-seller woman comes to the Harem to sell toys for Rahim. She gives a letter in Jodha’s hand!

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