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Jodha Akbar: 31st May; Rukhaiya Not Pregnant Yet Jalal Believes His Child's In Danger!

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Jodha Akbar 31st May written episode: Maha Manga is troubled with the map as she can discover no meaning of it. Accidentally it falls on the lamp and she quickly tries to protect it. She sees some changes in the map and understands that the actual figure is exposed when it is held above fire.

Salima is doubtful about the sudden change in Rukaiya’s behavior towards Jodha. The Lady doctor gives a medicine to Rukaiya so that she can look pregnant, but Rukaiya becomes angry and says that she does not need it. A maid servant eavesdrops and comes to know that Rukaiya is not pregnant actually. She quickly gives the news to Maha Manga.

Maha Manga comes to Rukaiya’s room and calls the maid. She gives a bowl of khir to the maid, adding some chemical to it. She compels her to swallow the food and the maid dies in no time.

Maha Manga explains to Rukaiya that she has killed the maid as she came to know Rukaiya’s truth. She wants to be friends with Rukaiya and keep this as a secret, as their goal is similar.

Soon Jodha, Akbar and others rush to Rukaiya’s room—as they are informed that someone tried to give poison to Rukaiya. Akbar becomes mad in anger as he thinks that someone has targeted the life of his child.

Jodha Akbar

Akbar feels extremely helpless and shares his crisis with Jodha. Jodha understands his soft emotions and comforts him. He gives the responsibility of Rukaiya’s safety to Jodha. He arranges strictest security for Harem.

On Jodha’s request Rukaiya takes Hoshier back in service. On her way back from temple, Jodha finds a letter inside her palanquin. She cannot read it as it is written in Urdu. Zakira explains that a lady named Chand Begum has sought help from Akbar, as she is in utter danger.

Jodha takes the letter to Akbar. For the first time she comes to know that Akbar is illiterate. She explains the message. Akbar consults the elders. Gulbadab Begum explains that she has mentioned Chand Begum in Humayunnama, as she was the third Queen of Humayun. Akbar says that it is his responsibility to find her and help her out, as she is a mother in relation.

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