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Jodha Akbar: 3rd June; Chand Begum And Shanaz's Stories Revealed (Pics)

Jodha Akbar 3rd June written episode: Maha Manga recalls the incidents connected to Chand Begum—the day when she attacked her, to know the information about the hidden treasure of Humayun. Chand Begum denied disclosing it, as she thought that it was kept for her child only. Maham threatened her with a dagger.

Chand flew to Gauhar’s room and Maham followed her. As Gauhar tried to stop Maham, she killed Gauhar. And suddenly there was an attack on the Mughal palace, by Sher Shah Suri’s men. Hearing the ruckus outside, Maham came out and saw everyone running here and there. She lost Chand Begum and thought that she was dead.

After some years, when Sher Shah’s reign was over and the Mughal Kingdom was established again, Maham discovered Chand Begum suddenly—completely shattered and insane, with a doll which she considered to be her child. She could not identify Maham.

Maham also found that Chand Begum was obsessed with the ‘child’ and understood that it was her weak point. She captivated her telling lies and making false promises, to know the secrets of the treasures.

Shahnaz meets her mother after a long time. The old lady is worried for her daughter as she has been involved in a dangerous mission. Shahnaz assures her that she will keep herself away from all dangers.

Shahnaz recalls how she found Jodha in the Mathura Ashram, crying in front of Kanha. She understood that she could use her to reach Akbar. And she became able to enter the Mughal palace. Shahnaz tells her mother that she has taken the guise of a mad woman, so that no one can harm her. She vows to take revenge on Akbar and ruin him!

Jodha Akbar

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