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Jodha Akbar: 4th April; Shattered Jalal Asks Jodha To Leave After Confessing Love

Jodha Akbar 4th April written episode: Akbar warns the man to come out of the pitcher. When no one comes out, he orders to pour boiling water inside. A sound of groaning comes from inside. Akbar stops the soldiers and tells them to take the man out. They take out a Mughal soldier. He says that the Rajbanshi man fought with him, tied him and kept him inside the pot, as he doubted that the maid has seen him.

Sujahmal comes to Jodha’s chamber to meet her for the last time. Jodha warns him to leave promptly. He makes Jodha promise that she will not mention anything to Akbar. When Sujhamal is about to leave, he discovers Akbar and others at the door. Akbar sends him to prison.

Akbar erupts on Jodha. He gives her the last chance to tell the truth. Jodha feels helpless as she has made a promise to keep mum. Her silence makes Akbar mad. He erupts all his anger, doubt, pain and frustration at once, like a volcano.

Akbar says that Jodha has taken revenge upon him, by keeping relationship with another man. He thinks that she saved his life to kill him gradually, by breaking his heart. He pulls Jodha by hair and pushes her again and again. He bursts into uncontrolled rage. He completely misunderstands Jodha and is led to think that she has a fallen character. He tells her to leave the palace before the next morning.

Akbar also bursts on his confidants for being ignorant. He accuses Maha Manga of making a serious mistake and she confesses her mistake. He also scolds Sharifuddin who failed to recognise a man working in his room in the guise of a eunuch. He declares giving such a memorable punishment to the man, that in future no one would dare sneaking into the place of the Mughal women.

Jodha Akbar

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