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Jodha Akbar: Jalal Lust Over Atifa; Khaiber Escapes Reaches Jodha's Chamber (4th August-Photos)

Jodha Akbar 4th August written episode: The toy seller again comes to Jodha to receive her answer for the princess. Jodha assures her that she will stop the marriage and forbids the princess to commit suicide in the fear of the marriage. She believes that Akbar will understand the crisis of the princess.

Akbar enjoys his trip with Atifa. He tells her to remove her veil and enjoy the beauty of the jungle. Not only that, he tries to impress her with his skills of hunting. In time of music performance, he stops Tansen and orders that only Atifa will sing.

Atgah finds that Akbar is crossing the limits of decency regarding Atifa. He meets the Emperor privately and alerts him that he is doing wrong, by having attraction towards a married woman and spending time with her.

Akbar admits that he is doing wrong and he is cheating his Begums. But he cannot help falling in love with Atifa, says the Emperor. He keeps seeing the beautiful lady now and then.

Khaiber's boss is amused over the fact that there is a secret tunnel that directly goes to the Mughal harem from the prison; the Emperor or his confidants have no knowledge of it, whereas Begum Maha Chuchak knows the path.

He liberates Khaiber and shows him the path towards the Harem. Sharifuddin comes to the prison and sees that Khaiber is missing. He guesses that he must have left the prison through some secret path, otherwise the eyes of the staffs cannot miss such a big demon!

Khaiber reaches the Mughal harem, and comes to Jodha's room!

Jodha Akbar: Jalal Lust Over Atifa; Khaiber Escapes Reaches Jodha's Chamber

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