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Jodha Akbar: 4th June; Rukhaiya Manage To Be Pregnant Just For Doctor Checkup! (Pics)

Jodha Akbar 4th June written episode: Hoshier forbids Rukaiya to smoke hookah. She scolds her and continues smoking, but Akbar comes soon. He scolds her and warns that he would never allow anything that can harm the child’s health. Rukaiya promises not to smoke again.

Akbar says that Hamida has called a lady doctor for Rukaiya’s examination. She becomes scared, but fails to prevent it. She rushes to Maha Manga and shares her worry that she would probably be exposed.

Maham suggests that Rukaiya should bribe the doctor. Rukaiya does not like this idea of Maham as she thinks that it would be risky. Maham admits that the news is truly scary and she too has lost her composure, to suggest some way-out!

Rukaiya applies a beauty mask on her face just before the doctor’s visit, thinking that she would be able to avoid it. Hamida says that the doctor can check her with the face mask. Rukaiya goes to the inside chamber with the doctor.

After the doctor checks her, she asks her about her opinion. She says that she will share it with the Emperor. The doctor comes out and Rukaiya follows her with a tensed face. But she says that both the mother and the child are fine!

While Atgah and Todarmal are passing, Adam Khan calls Atgah for a sword practice session. His attitude clearly shows violence. Atgah’s hand is hurt. Akbar comes and insists on practising sword with Adam. Akbar defeats Adam and warns him that his anger should be handled with a fine control. Unharnessed anger makes a terrorist, not a soldier—opines Akbar!

Jodha Akbar

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