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Jodha Akbar: Jodha Wishes For Khaiber's Life, Jalal Insulted And Angry! (5th August-Photos)

Jodha Akbar 5th August written episode: Sharifuddin comes to Jodha's chamber and sees Khaiber. He tries to attack Khaiber, only to fail miserably as the giant size creature pushes him away in no effort. He tries to kill Sharifuddin, but refrains from doing so at Jodha's signal.

The soldiers arrest Khaiber by a sedating weapon. When Akbar comes back, Sharifuddin complains to him about the incident of the night. Akbar insists on giving death sentence to the demon in public.

Atgah says that the demon must have escaped from prison through some secret path. Sharifuddin does not reveal that he knows the path. He notices Akbar's weakness towards Atifa. Atifa's husband becomes angry seeing the gifts Akbar has given to her.

Jodha tells Akbar that he cannot take someone's life in the month of Ramjan. Akbar stubbornly sticks to his decision saying that Khaiber has brought an insult upon the Mughal customs and cannot be pardoned.

Atgah is not also happy with the decision of Akbar. He tells Jodha that the Emperor has changed a lot these days. Jodha does not understand his words. She requests Atgah to sop the punishment. But Atgah says that there is no benefit in doing this.

Khaiber is brought amid the mass and Akbar announces his death sentence, to be executed in public. Khaiber is stoned by the crazy mob. Jodha suddenly remembers Akbar's promise, that he made after the war against Maha Chuchak.

Jodha reminds Akbar that after the courageous act of the women in the war, Akbar promised to give his queens whatever they desire, just for one time. Jodha tells Akbar that she will make her wish right now.

Jodha begs Khaiber's life from Akbar. He sees the determination in her eyes and orders to stop the punishment. He leaves the ground with utter frustration.

Jodha Akbar: Jodha Wishes For Khaibers Life, Jalal Insulted And Angry

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