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Jodha Akbar: 5th June; Rukhaiya Fooled Everyone; Another Attack On Jodha-Jalal?

Jodha Akbar 5th June written episode: Maha Manga is surprised to know that Rukaiya has passed the doctor check up successfully! She is eager to know the secret. Rukaiya shares her trick with Maha Manga. She recalls that she applied face pack just before the doctor check up. When the doctor came inside, she checked a pregnant woman who was placed on the bed in the same dress like Rukiaya and with the same beauty mask on her face!

Maham asks Rukaiya about her future plan as she has to look pregnant after a few months and give birth to a child. Rukaiya confidently says that she will discover some new plan and for the time being she wants to enjoy her victory!

Akbar meets Atgah and says that he noticed an attitude of revenge in Adam Khan. Atgah recalls the incident where he accused Adam of mishandling the royal fund. He thinks that Adam had taken revenge by hurting his hand.

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Salima comes to know about Jodha’s puja that she has arranged for the well-being of Rukaiya’s child. The puja is supposed to be done by the couple, but Jodha is going alone as Akbar has to look after Rukaiya, as the maids are not trusted after the poison incident.

Salima convinces Akbar that she will look after Rukaiya and he should go with Jodha. Jodha-Jalal go for the puja on foot. In the Ambe ma temple they perform the puja and make wishes for their child.

No one notices that attackers keep watch on Jodha-Akbar being hidden behind trees. What will happen to the couple on their way back?

Jodha Akbar

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