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Jodha Akbar: 7th April; Jodha Fails To Confess Truth; Jalal Chases Sujhamal Into Forest

Jodha Akbar 7th April written episode: Rukaiya and Maha Manga are too excited, as Akbar has told Jodha to leave the palace. They never expected such a quick result of the conspiracy. Jodha murmurs in her sleep that she should tell the truth to Akbar, that the man was her brother Sujhamal. Again she thinks that she will not break the promise that she has made to Sujhamal.

Jodha faces a conflict in herself. Once she accepts that she has started loving Akbar, again she denies it. She is questioned by herself, why she is tolerating the allegation against her, when for a Rajbanshi lady, her honour is the most precious thing.

Moti comes to Jodha and finds her sitting on the bed at night. She tells her that Akbar is extremely angry and Sujahmal will face a stringent punishment. She insists that Jodha should tell him the truth.

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Jodha decides that she must solve the misunderstanding. She thinks that she cannot allow her character and her relationship with Sujhamal be blemished, to keep her word. Maha Manga stops her from meeting Akbar.

Maha Manga tells Akbar that Jodha wants to meet him. Akbar refuses to meet Jodha. Hamida Begum and Salima Begum strongly believe that Jodha is innocent. They think that the truth will be revealed soon.

Akbar is told that Dilawar has fled. He rushes to catch him. He sees a heap of dead soldiers outside and becomes desperate to kill the man. When Akbar follows Sujhamal and becomes isolated, Sharifuddin targets his life.

Jodha Akbar

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